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The future of automation depends on collaboration between manufacturers, partners and distributors to create applications that are integrated, accessible and easy to implement. This was the main conclusion reached at the Cobot Applications Open Day, a conference co-organized by Robotiq and Universal Robots on October 19 at the Danish company’s headquarters in Barcelona. Technicians and experts from different manufacturers, partners and distributors of collaborative robots from all over Europe attended the event to show attendees the best strategies to simplify automation and make it possible in any factory.

On the other hand, the event was also an opportunity for customers to show them the latest collaborative robotic solutions for palletizing, screwing and machine maintenance from Robotiq. “With this conference, we hope to consolidate a collaborative space that has existed for more than 10 years, a space that is now showing its power.” Jacob Pascual, president of Universal Robots’ Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa and UK region, said at the start of the conference. The importance of this collaboration was demonstrated by the shared vocation for manufacturers, partners and distributors to work together.

Samuel Bouchard, CEO of Robotiq, came to the same conclusion: “We want to simplify applications and make them easier to use; the collaboration between Universal Robots and Robotiq allows us to create truly easy-to-use applications that can address the needs of many industries. ” According to Bouchard, “An investment of one euro in collaborative robotics today will certainly bolster the company’s profits for years to come.” And the applications born from the collaboration between Universal Roobts and Robotiq respond to the needs of the industrial sector: accessibility, efficiency and ease of implementation, achieving competitiveness and productivity gains in a short period of time.

Palletizing, bolting and machine maintenance: three areas of production that can be simplified by collaborative robotics.

The collaboration between Robotiq and Universal Robotics has made it possible to create integrated, versatile and easy-to-implement applications for different industrial uses. says Ryan Weaver, Vice President of Commercial at Robotiq: “We started creating integrated applications two years ago, and we’ve identified a growing market need: customers are asking us to provide a solution that meets their needs without significant programming and implementation complexity, and that’s what we’re doing with Universal Robotics and our local partners.”

These solutions include palletizing, bolting and machine maintenance solutions. During the event, a number of European Universal Robots and Robotiq distributors demonstrated success stories of implementing the solutions in different industries. “One customer came to us with a challenge: to automate their production to be able to yard nine boxes per minute.” explains Enric Vila, technical director at Vicosystems, a local distributor of Universal Robots and Robiq. And Robiq’s plug-and-play solution enabled it to meet the customer’s needs: “The customer did not find a solution on the market that would meet their needs, but thanks to Robiq’s integrated application, it was possible.” Vila adds.

According to Daniel Künsktner, a technician at German distributor J+K, the main advantage of Robotiq’s integrated palletizing applications is their ease of use. “The applications are easy to understand and implement, and customers can effortlessly integrate the solution into their production lines”, he assures.

In the case of Robotiq’s machine feeding solution, Michel Beauchemin, Product Manager at Robotiq, explains how the integrated application improves monitoring, maintenance and support in the manufacturing process. “Robotiq’s machine feeding solution allows collaborative robots to communicate with the machine, supply the required parts and monitor that all the gears in the machine are working properly.” Beauchemin added.

Finally, the event also featured Robotiq’s integrated application for screwdriving tasks, which Andrew Mason, sales manager and UK distributor for Raruk Automation, said can “improve performance through efficient and reliable automated bolting, thereby increasing line efficiency and freeing people from dangerous and repetitive tasks. “.

The easiest way to start automating today

The event revealed the belief of Universal Robots and Robotiq’s diverse European partners in simplifying the implementation of collaborative robotics. Samuel Bouchard, CEO of Robotiq, concluded, “My advice to those considering automating their industry is to start now and to do it the easy way. It’s not too late to start automating, but time is precious and it is at Robotiq that we are committed to making the implementation process as simple as possible.”

About Robotiq Canada’s entry into the corporate store
Manufacturers have difficulty getting robots to work in their factories because it is still too expensive and too complex. robotiq’s tools and expertise simplify collaborative robotics applications so factories can start production faster. robotiq works with a global network of connected robotics experts to support local manufacturers.

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