Shanghai Plutools has been engaged in mobile robot (AGV/AMR) and other automatic handling equipment industry and special vehicle industry for more than 10 years. From research and development, production, testing and sales, Yikong Intelligent Equipment has mature and stable experience 、 solutions. After years of testing and improvement, our products are stable, safe and efficient, which can meet the needs of most customers.

Shanghai Plutools Automation Corporation Limited is a leading technology company dedicated to design, manufacture, market, and support reliable and affordable motion control products and driving systems based on the latest control technologies. Plutools offers a full complement of products including horizontal/vertical motors in wheel units, differential drive steering system, motor drive system, AC/DC motors. Today, Plutools is one of the largest and earliest integrated solution provider in china to provide solutions and quality products to tens of industries, and hundreds of clients in china.

Plutools has one of the strongest R & D teams in the automation industry. That team consists of more than 15 R & D engineers and all of them are highly educated with most of them carrying PhD & Master degrees in controls, electrical & electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, computer engineering, and computer science. Their strong background and experience allow Plutools capable of designing superior quality products based the latest technology in the most efficient way.

Plutools operates manufacturing facilities which are professionally equipped and staffed. That allows Plutools to provide highly reliable quality products to clients in the shortest time.

Plutools’s products have proven records of being successfully adopted in thousands of applications such as  Forklifts, AGV, Aerial Platforms, Airport Machines, plotters, electronics equipments,medical equipments etc. In most cases, Plutools’s standard “off-the-shelf” products are able to satisfy the needs for most applications. Plutools also offers customized products with optimized performance. 

Plutools believes the key to be a successful motion product supplier is the commitment to fully understanding our customer’s applications and working closely with our clients. In many cases, Plutools engineers can participate in the whole process of client product development, including initial application evaluation, product selection, design help & suggestion. Our expertise and experience allow us to help clients to produce competitive high quality machines in their industries.


Plutools’s TEC series products use quality materials and engineering to ensure that your motion control products work as expected every time. We develop high performance and custom motors so that reliability and efficiency are their characteristics.


After years of improvement, our manufacturing plant has formed a standardized, standardized, complete process of high-quality product manufacturing center. The test platform of important parts can ensure high quality products.

  • Well-equipped factory
  • Rigorous R&D department
  • Strict R&D standards
  • Standardize the manufacturing process
  • Rigorous testing
  • Efficient loading and distribution

The products are widely used in many fields

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