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What kind of trend will smart logistics show?

What kind of trend will smart logistics show?

Core Abstract: With the development of the times, intelligent logistics has become an important way for everyone to connect with the world. In 2018, from intelligent brains, intelligent warehousing, unmanned sorting to drones, unmanned vehicles and other emerging things, from artificial intelligence...

  With the development of the times, intelligent logistics has become an important way for everyone to connect with the world.

In 2018, from smart brains, smart warehousing, unmanned sorting to drones, unmanned vehicles and other emerging things,
From cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, big data to face recognition, and blockchain,
Intelligent logistics is being delivered from “new” to “xing”, serving the production of hundreds of millions of parcels every day, injecting fresh experience into the lives of ordinary people.
In the future, these logistics technologies will continue to push the entire logistics industry to subvert innovation.
As the key technical equipment for China's intelligent manufacturing
Smart warehousing will continue to erupt
Emerging logistics technology represented by intelligent warehousing is becoming more and more important and has become one of the key technical equipments for intelligent manufacturing in China.
When the orders brought by the big promotion “explosive growth” no longer cause the “explosive effect” of the warehouse, the role played by intelligent logistics is obvious.
At the same time, China's storage cost per unit of GDP is 2-3 times higher than that of developed countries. Therefore, it promotes the upgrading and upgrading of logistics equipment. Warehousing is the field with the largest demand and the earliest application of intelligent equipment.


Autopilot technicians are used to
End distribution or take the lead in scale
Insiders pointed out that the advantages of unmanned heavy trucks in trunk logistics, intelligent network construction, and driver manpower savings need not be said.
However, due to its large size, complex technical requirements and many restrictions on laws and regulations, there are still great challenges in realizing commercial use in a short period of time, and more will be used in closed ports, transportation stations, test roads and other scenarios.
Compared with unmanned heavy trucks, it is relatively simple to focus on the last mile of unmanned delivery vehicles and take-away robots.
According to industry insiders, the complexity and versatility of the auto-driving technology at the end is not so strict. Especially with the support of high-precision maps, laser radar and 5G technology, the commercialization of logistics in the future may be smoother in the future.


  New products are constantly being introduced

Emphasis on independent research and development but open sharing has also become a trend
In the face of the technological revolution, "mastering core technology" is a topic that can never be avoided.
Around the transportation, warehousing, loading and unloading, processing, finishing, distribution and other links, the intelligent logistics equipment independently researched and developed by various enterprises is more and more, and the tightness with consumers is getting higher and higher, such as unmanned warehouse, unmanned vehicle, and no Man-machines, unmanned transfer stations, AGVs, etc., continue to innovate.
Not only is it satisfied with its own application, but more industry leaders are beginning to open up mature technology solutions to the outside world, and “energy” has become a topic that cannot be avoided.
In 2019, for the e-commerce logistics giant, the establishment of an intelligent logistics ecosystem will continue through the opening and sharing of technologies, scenarios and models.


  Robots are widely used

"Human Machine CP" will continue to increase
As robots are more used in the intelligent logistics industry, new human-machine relationships are also emerging.
"Human-machine CP" has become one of the key words that the logistics industry has to mention, especially the first-line warehousing and distribution staff. Through the application of various core technologies, the human-machine partner has become a tool to improve the efficiency of warehousing.
Every time a new technology is born, it will make people's relationship enter a new equilibrium state, and so is the era of artificial intelligence.
Letting robots work with employees is not only an increase in physical strength and mental power, but also assisting humans in solving problems in another completely new way.
In 2019, the new "Human Machine CP" will continue to increase, paying attention to the core technology and paying more attention to the work of the employees. The major e-commerce logistics companies will still focus on focusing.


  Intelligent logistics becomes the infrastructure

Closer relationship with smart cities
Express parcels are sent to and from, logistics vehicles are constantly flowing, and the storage system is running around the clock. Intelligent logistics connects both production and distribution, as well as terminal consumers, and gradually becomes the core infrastructure of the city.
In addition to the continuous emergence of new technologies distributed in various logistics links, new intelligent logistics facilities based on new technologies and new products are gradually being formed.
More and more governments are incorporating smart logistics systems into urban infrastructure at the macro level.
On more infrastructure, unmanned transfer stations connecting drones and drones, intelligent distribution stations consisting of distribution robots, and intelligent street lights that cooperate with unmanned vehicles for road coordination, etc. Become a new infrastructure in the city.
As smart logistics turns from imagination to reality, and then becomes the most basic part of society, city and life, consumers are gradually getting used to various new scientific and technological methods to embrace the new changes in the logistics express industry.

  At the same time as the rapid development of intelligent logistics, intelligent forklifts are intelligent, flexible and flexible, and they have an important position in the basic features of low cost, high efficiency and safe operation. It can solve the problem that the traditional forklift is difficult to work in bad weather and dangerous environment, and can reduce exhaust gas and noise. It can also meet the individualized needs of enterprises and has a broad market prospect.