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Wandering Earth: Is it really a pseudo-science fiction?
       Wandering Earth: Is it really a pseudo-science fiction? You haven't read the details of the robot "Moss"!

Core Abstract: "Wandering Earth" is a science fiction movie. Although many people on the Internet have criticized that many of his plots do not contain scientific evidence, Dream 9 wants to say that the plan to ignite Jupiter is actually the most prominent technological element of the film. And very rigorous. I will talk about it. Earth flies over wood...
"Wandering Earth" is a science fiction movie. Although many people on the Internet have criticized that many of his plots do not talk about science and technology, what Meng Ji wants to say is that the plan to ignite Jupiter is actually the most prominent technological element of the film, and it is very rigorous. .
I will talk about it.
Earth flying over Jupiter
In the movie, Jupiter suddenly became more and more gravitational, so that the earth passing through Jupiter was sucked in, and the story in the dungeon part was actually a certain early warning of the possible risks of crossing Jupiter, including Pay attention to safety and other slogans today, the most obvious one is the official notice:
In the next three days, the Earth will travel through Jupiter, please be prepared.
Then what happened, Jupiter's gravity suddenly increased, and the Earth could not pass through the Jupiter area. This can be seen as a plot conflict point in the movie. As for why it would increase gravity, the film did not explain it in detail.
Jupiter's gravitational pull on the earth increases, the earth's atmosphere is attracted to the past, a large amount of oxygen enters Jupiter along with the atmosphere, and Jupiter contains a lot of hydrogen. These two plots are actually paving the way for details. It is mentioned that Jupiter has a lot of hydrogen, the earth's atmosphere is sucked away, so the plane has fallen, and the fleeing person said, "Which can live for seven days? We will die of oxygen deficiency in three days."
In short, Jupiter, which has fuel (hydrogen), has obtained a large amount of combustion-supporting agent (oxygen) from the earth, so it only needs one source of ignition to ignite. The rapid combustion of huge amounts of hydrogen will form a powerful shock wave to push the earth. This plan is from one At the beginning, there are many details to be paved.
Liu Qi, the male lord, thought of this plan in distress. If it is placed in the American science fiction film, this is definitely the pen that can only be thought of when the protagonist dies before he dies. Others absolutely cannot think of such a plan.
However, in "The Wandering Earth", after Liu Qi proposed this plan, he was immediately poured a cold water by artificial intelligence Moss. Why?
- As early as seven hours ago, the Israeli team has already proposed this plan.
So you can think of the idea that the earth's oxygen and Jupiter's hydrogen can be combined to form a shock wave and push the earth. It is not only Liu Qi who can only think of the protagonist's aura, but a smart person can think of it.
Is this detail closer to reality than the average Hollywood sci-fi film?
However, Moss said that the success rate of the Jupiter plan is zero, why did it succeed in the end?
This point is actually a very reasonable plot design. First of all, the film has already been explained. After the Israeli team proposed to ignite Jupiter, Moss calculated the execution result of the plan and then denied the possibility of success.
Ok, the root of the problem is here.
- Three principles of robots.
What do you mean?
With the advancement of the earth's science and technology, in the eyes of scientists, the time of artificial intelligence and robots is just around the corner, and the uncertainty of this technology has also aroused many people's vigilance. In order to protect humanity, the famous science fiction writer Asi in 1940 Moff proposed the three classic principles of robotics:
Article 1: Robots must not harm humans, or see human beings hurt and stand by.
Article 2: The robot must obey the command of humanity unless this order contradicts the first one.
Article 3: Robots must protect themselves unless such protection contradicts the above two.
Let's go to the movie. In the movie, there are two low-level commands in the robot Moss system: the first is to protect the earth, and the second is to protect the space station.
Judging from the plot of Moss with the space station "defection", it is obvious that the level of "protecting the space station" is higher than "protecting the earth" because the space station backs up the entire human civilization archives, and there are enough humans. Fertilized eggs, when the earth encounters a devastating blow, Moss takes them to escape the birth of the day is the highest level of command, is also the best choice.
The "protection of the space station" and the above human beings, this is the highest command, let Moss not calculate the most important possibility when calculating the success rate of the plan to detonate Jupiter to push the earth:
Sacrifice humans on space stations or space stations.
Because Moss has already calculated that even if the planet's engine on the earth is the largest power jet, and there is still 5,000 kilometers away from the ignition of Jupiter, the fire source can't reach Jupiter, then there is no way to detonate it, and it is impossible to have a shock wave push. Take the earth.
So Moss said that the success rate is zero.
Why did you succeed in the end?
It was because of the last 5,000 kilometers that Liu Peiqiang, played by Wu Jing, rushed to Jupiter with 300,000 tons of fuel from the space station, and completed the plan with the future of life and space stations.
Liu Peiqiang's behavior has two consequences. One is that he will sacrifice in the explosion; the other is that the space station will not be able to advance in the universe because there is no fuel, and the earth civilization and human fertilized eggs carried by the space station will be destroyed.
In Moss's system, protecting the space station and protecting humans is the supreme command, so it is impossible to violate the command to make such a plan that may sacrifice the future of mankind.
Therefore, in fact, the details and technical common sense of "Wandering Earth" are not so vulnerable to some "mouth giants" on the Internet, and even the scientific details of this film are more than most people know. To be more rigorous, it is not just a film of special effects bursting, but a hard science fiction that really can withstand scrutiny!