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Case background: Canadian Tire built a state-of-the-art A.J Billes distribution

AGV Cars Help Canada's Canadian Tire Distribution Center Improve Productivity
#Logistics system integration#

Core Abstract: Corporate Profile: As the most trusted and best durable retailer in Canada, Canadian Tire's innovative products and services are well-known and well-received by every customer. Today, Canadian Tire has become the top 5 management industry...

  Company Profile:

As Canada's most trusted and best durable merchandise retailer, Canadian Tire's innovative products and services are well-known and well-received by every customer. Today, Canadian Tire is a conglomerate that manages five major industries, with 475 retail outlets across Canada's East, West, and North regions, serving all communities across the country, offering a wide range of commodities, fabrics, oil and financial services. Products and services.

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  Case background:

Canadian Tire built a state-of-the-art A.J Billes distribution center in Brampton, Canada 18 years ago, but 18 years later, the company expanded its business and demanded that the distribution center be able to meet business needs. At the same time, Canadian Tire will focus on two issues: reducing manpower and increasing productivity. After considering the expansion of existing buildings, it is necessary to meet future capacity needs within the existing building area and achieve the following system objectives:
1. Shorten the order fulfillment time;
2. Reduce the order deletion rate;
3. Maximize the storage capacity of existing warehouses;
4. Reduce product damage rate and warehouse damage;
5. Keep the surface of the warehouse;
6. Reduce the manual processing cost of materials;
7, can accommodate the ability to bring seasonal factors.
For a distribution center that has been used for 18 years, it is a challenge for everyone to achieve the above goals without considering the actual expansion of the building.
In response to the system goal proposed by Canadian Tire, Dematic combines innovative logistics technology with 10 high-bay stackers and automatic guided vehicles (AGV) to deliver cutting-edge technology and equipment to this 116,000-square-meter distribution. In the center, it is used to reduce staffing and increase productivity.
The automatic warehouse is used for the whole pallet storage. When the warehouse is delivered, the pallet goods are automatically taken out from the overhead warehouse by the stacker, sent to the picking and delivery station to start the next process, and then sent to another storage area by the AGV.
The laser-guided AGV system in the automated material handling solution is equipped with a high-level forklift unit that allows operation in the roadway without changing existing shelves. The pallet flow system provides 7000 storage locations with a roadway width of 1.88 meters. The AGV can lift up to 10.6 meters when working in the roadway. The AGV stores the pallets on the shelf and the operator will deliver the goods from the other end to the belt system, where the pallets will provide replenishment for the picking station and an order for the retail store.
In software management, the warehouse management system (WMS) can communicate with the AGV to confirm that the pallet has been taken to the delivery station at the end of the storage lane. The AGV takes the pallet as required and stores it in the WMS-defined location.
The AGV trolley system operates 24 hours a day (7/24), temporarily storing the required products in one area for the next pick-up shift to start operation, which increases system utilization and allows the Canadian Tire to clearly see the pallet flow system to the off-peak The replenishment during the period brought a lot of benefits.
Project income:
Thanks to the end-to-end material handling solution provided by Dematic, the material tracking control software interface is a standard XML-based interface that seamlessly interfaces with production planning and customer order systems, and manages forklifts, RF terminals, Automatic guided trolley (AGV) and automated warehouse; at the same time, the advanced automatic warehouse system adopts the combination of single extension, double extension and three deep positions, which greatly enhances the warehouse capacity; in addition, Dematic customer service hotline all year round. The hotline service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, and it can protect the safe and stable operation of the distribution center system.
The five AGV car systems not only improve the utilization of the entire system in the distribution center, but also bring good news to the distribution center. The Canadian Tire not only significantly reduced the damage rate of the product and the damage of the warehouse equipment, but also increased the efficiency of the pallet flow and the reduction of the order deletion rate, which greatly improved the productivity. These goals were achieved without changing the warehouse building and adding no manpower. .