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There is no visible in the workshop, only the robot "working hard"

There is no visible in the workshop, only the robot "working hard"

Core Abstract: The workshop of Guodian Nanzi Automation Co., Ltd. is full of robots, and Eston's enterprise has first transformed into the field of robotic creation... In November 2018, Premier Li Keqiang was delighted to inspect the private economy in Jiangning District. Here is "vibrant and open." Recently, Yang...
In the workshop of Guodian Nanzi Automation Co., Ltd., all the robots are busy, and Eston's enterprise first transforms into the field of robotic intelligence... In November 2018, when Premier Li Keqiang visited the private economy of Jiangning District, he was pleased to confirm that it was " Vibrant, open." Recently, the Yangzi Evening News reporter followed the "magnificent 70 years - the new era of struggle" research and interview team, in this dynamic and open place, from today, we will tell you what Jiangning is promoting industrial transformation and upgrading A vivid example of the development of advanced manufacturing clusters.
Yangzi Evening News (Reporter Liu Liyuan correspondent Wang Huiqun Wu Shanshan) walked into the Nanjing Guodian South Automated Production Workshop located in Jiangning Development Zone. Your biggest feeling is the ubiquitous intelligent system, which is rarely seen in the large production workshop. It is a robot that is "working hard".
"From 2015, we will gradually promote intelligence according to the needs of enterprise development, and gradually upgrade and upgrade equipments such as robot arms, intelligent logistics trolleys, and automatic detection of equipment. In the future, enterprises will gradually realize the comprehensive intelligence of the factory." Nanjing Guodian South According to the relevant personnel of the production center of Automation Co., Ltd., after the smart factory is fully put into production, the overall production efficiency will increase by 42.48%, which can reduce the current human resource cost by 32%, the quality pass rate by 13.25%, and the energy consumption by 8%.
During the visit, the Yangzi Evening News reporter saw that the small robotic arm systematically screened the starting voltages of different relays because there were few people coming and going in the empty workshop. The SMT surface-applied production line not far away, a large number of zero-component devices passed through. Printing, testing, patching and other steps to complete the integration; already produced integrated board through the shape of the security machine on the board machine, test unqualified products automatically "out of the list", waiting for the next step ... in Nanjing Guodian Nanzi Automation Co., Ltd. In the company's workshop, the intelligent production line is dedicated, 24 hours a day, and almost no human intervention is required to accurately process all processes.
Nanjing “Guodian Nanzi” related personnel told reporters that in fact, what can be seen at present is only the simplest and most intuitive part of intelligent manufacturing. In the invisible place, all production data will be uploaded to the background in real time, but after analysis and processing. After that, these data will eventually form an intuitive performance management, feedback to the management of the company and even the mobile phone of every ordinary employee. Everyone can understand the order delivery, product qualification rate and revenue changes. It will directly affect the company itself and the precise judgment of the market.
The Yangzi Evening News reporter learned that the industrial intelligent upgrade has now penetrated into various fields of the Jiangning Development Zone and is well represented in enterprises of all sizes. Chen Zhihai, director of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Jiangning Development Zone, said that whether it is a large-scale enterprise, a medium-sized enterprise or a small-scale enterprise, intelligent manufacturing is an effective means to complete the supply-side structural reform task and achieve the goals of complementing short-board and de-capacity. At present, Jiangning Development Zone has formed a very good pattern of intelligent manufacturing development, both application scenarios and supply systems.