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Intelligent robots are giving birth to a new industrial revolution

Intelligent robots are giving birth to a new industrial revolution

Core Abstract: Huang Xiaoqing, founder and CEO of Daxie Technology. Photographs Recently, the 2019 China (Shenzhen) IT Leaders Summit was opened. With the theme of “New Future for IT: 5G and Artificial Intelligence”, this summit brings together leaders from many technology industries to discuss future communications, industrial Internet, digital...

Huang Xiaoqing, founder and CEO of Daxie Technology. Profile photo
Recently, the 2019 China (Shenzhen) IT Leaders Summit was opened. With the theme of “New IT Future: 5G and Artificial Intelligence”, this year's summit brought together many leaders in the technology industry to discuss hot topics such as future communications, industrial internet, digital city, and financial technology, and become a sharing and cooperation win-win in the IT field. An important platform.
Huang Xiaoqing, founder and CEO of Daxie Technology, attended the conference. He and other CEOs of Huawei's consumer business, Yu Chengdong, and Chairman of Broadband Capital Tian Tianning, launched a high-end dialogue on topics such as “5G Era: Subversive Innovation in Future Communications”, presenting new industry formats and New applications bring new thinking to industry leaders.
In the dialogue, Huang Xiaoqing said that in the 5G era, operators have to change the business model. How does this business model change? From bandwidth sales to revenue sharing. Who can build a new business model and share revenue with operators, which will give operators opportunities for development. For example, if the rental robot can bring the operator a share, then the robot can be placed in the operator's offline store, and the two parties jointly divide. So the split mode is a 5G business model.
For the new business model, Huang Xiaoqing believes that this new business model will emerge under the new user experience. At the same time, some new technologies, such as blockchain technology, can turn centralized into distributed. In this case, there may be new Internet companies that may not have much infrastructure to generate great social effects.
In the past, it was mainly consumer-grade Internet applications, and there may be medical-grade Internet applications and service-level Internet applications in the future. These new Internet applications are completely blank in a sense, and the business models and applications inside are actually full of imagination.
In the speech "The Swift and Challenge of Artificial Intelligence", Huang Xiaoqing said that if from the perspective of the industrial revolution, robots bring about an increase in productivity. If a person can manage 10 robots, then the productivity of the person is increased by 10 times, the robot can work for 24 hours, and the productivity is increased by 30 times. If one can control more robots, this becomes the industrial revolution. With the support of artificial intelligence, robots can be substituted for people's work. The artificial intelligence made by Daxie is to make the machine smarter. The second stage is to let the artificial intelligence gradually move towards self-consciousness, but this is still far away.
At the same time, Huang Xiaoqing also believes that this industry needs to be deeply cultivated. If we dig into this industry, we will find that as the level of technology improves, more and more jobs can be replaced. In the era of robotics and robotics, the ultimate goal of Daxie Technology is to send robots as a babysitter to every family.