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long-distance material transportation project for automated warehouse handling e

Complete inspection and acceptance of long-distance material transportation project for automated warehouse handling equipment

Core summary: Convergence of OMV automated warehouse handling equipment can realize automatic long-distance material turnover transportation of materials, liberate the trouble of manual handling, save personnel costs, and realize intelligent factories.

      The No. 1 Park sneaked into the camel-type omnidirectional vehicle project signed with a customer in Jiangsu has been successfully delivered and completed.

        1. This intelligent unmanned logistics transportation project realizes the automatic long-distance material turnover transportation of materials through the automated storage and handling equipment piggyback robot, which liberates the trouble of manual transportation and saves personnel costs.
        Second, the project realizes the automatic docking with the upper WMS control system, accepts the handling tasks sent by the WMS, automatically transports the materials, and automatically feeds back the WMS after the task is completed to realize the intelligent factory.
        Third, the logistics transportation system of this project is visualized, and the material transportation situation of the site can be grasped in real time in the office area, and the system can be monitored in real time.

     Omnidirectional movement: OMV's walking path is calculated by software to compensate for the movement in any direction in a two-dimensional plane, including straight-line, horizontal, arbitrary curve movement, small-turn radius steering and other omnidirectional movements; lifting function: It can realize the lifting function within the height range of 120mm and the carrying capacity is 500kg.


        Automatic navigation system: It has the function of automatically guiding and running according to the planned path, which can be realized by SLAM navigation method; positioning accuracy: secondary precise positioning function, accurate positioning function in automatic container through two-dimensional code + mechanical guiding mechanism, positioning accuracy ±3mm.

      Endurance: It has been automatically charged to charging position after the working time is lower than the set value Charging is completed After the automatic online operation, non-working time, automatic charging to the charging position, automatic power off after full charge.

Obstacle avoidance function: There is a non-contact laser obstacle avoidance sensor at the rear of the vehicle. When the obstacle is detected, it stops automatically, and the obstacle automatically moves back after moving.